About Us


Our vision is to offer sustainable engineering services and product development that enable businesses to grow and thrive.


We have a strong philosophy of safe manufacture, high quality work, and building sustainable products, services and relationships. We follow the principle that our work must benefit the greater good, and never induce harm or foul onto anyone or anything. We strongly encourage and practice the manufacture and sourcing of products solely in and from the United States. We are pro American and while there are  circumstances (mainly for products made with rare earth materials) which forces us to import parts from outside the United States, we always try our best to locate products made and sold by American companies.


Our mission is to utilize our design and engineering capabilities to prototype and small batch manufacture new products to a market ready standard.

Company History

In 2016, our CEO set forth a new vision and mission for the company. Our new vision is to design, develop, prototype and manufacture electronic devices, embedded systems, custom controls and interfaces, and design and produce cases and housings for these electronic devices.

Our team has master level Electrical, Software & Mechanical Engineers. We are well versed in ECAD, MCAD, CAM, Numerically Controlled Machining and Turning, Rapid Prototyping systems, and the manufacture of custom PC boards such as single board computers and custom micro controller and micro processing units.

We are experts in managing and operating manufacturing systems and machinery. Our mission involves utilizing our design and engineering capabilities to prototype and small batch manufacture new products to a market ready standard. We utilize in-house systems and machinery along with the shared capability of TinkerMill, Hexlab Makerspace, and LA Toolbox. We focus on building new products for select clients, as well as our internal initiative projects.

Our machinery list is extensive, but some major pieces include a FormLabs Form 2 SLA 3D Printer, a Stratasys Objet30 Prime, a 80x50x15cm 3-axis CNC mill controlled with our custom built CNC controller which includes a large Touchscreen to control a fully closed loop system, a Charmhigh CHMT530P4 Pick and Place filled with Yamaha CL Pneumatic feeders, featuring a quad Juki nozzle head with up and down machine vision, Industrial Solder Reflow Oven, Industrial Vacuum Oven, Semi automatic Lead Free Dip Soldering machine, Semi-automatic solder paste printer, multiple Hakko Rework stations, and we have access to HAAS and Bridgeport vertical machining centers and toolroom lathes.

CEO & Chief Engineer

J e r e m y   B r o w n

Our Founder, CEO and Chief Engineer, Jeremy Brown, has two decades of Software Engineering experience, and a decade of experience focused on developing new products utilizing his skill sets of electrical engineering, ECAD, MCAD & CAM, research and development, and business strategy and incubation. Our Founder goes beyond the industry norm of engineering consulting to ensure client products reach market and are successful in their market. He is a disrupter and only takes on large projects that will shake up an industry. He is a master in business and technology and is seamless liaison between subject matter expert domains and business.