Quality and Customer Service

Here at JB Dynamics, Inc, we strive to create the highest quality products and services at prices affordable for startups and small businesses. We offer the very best customer experience. We personally communicate on a daily basis with all of our clients, and with the help of some Atlassian tools, we have built a custom engineering development portal. It has a full featured JIRA project management server, Bitbucket server version control, Bamboo and Jenkins build servers, and Confluence document repository. The portal offers real time insight into the progress of deliverables, the scheduling of development sprints, management of builds, as well as access to source code and CAD/CAM resources.


We have developed numerous products for a variety of customers. Our Electrical Engineering experience is extensive, rivaled only by our ability to build product and service supporting infrastructure and applications

Building Assistance

We can partner with companies to build out ideas into market ready products. Producing tangible electronic devices, often IoT connected with supporting web and data services. Let us turn your ideas into a tangible reality.

Technical Assistance

We can consult and work with your on-staff technical personnel to help fill a void in subject matter expert areas. Such as electrical engineering, software engineering, and mechanical engineering. We can offer architecture and implementation for device firmware, web and data services, desktop, server, and native mobile (iOS and Android) applications. We also offer ECAD, MCAD, and CAM service work. We can architect custom PCBs including MCUs, MPUs, FPGAs and any custom peripherals that will accomplish your ultimate project goals.

Repair & Conversion

We can fix broken designs and custom PCBs with our high end Hakko rework stations. We can convert and expand existing designs to solve problems with the current design or to add new feature sets. We are experts in reverse engineering, and can re-create lost PCB schematics and Board design files. In some instances, we can reverse engineer source code from custom programmed microcontrollers, as long as the device does not lock down the firmware with secure storage or a crypto engine.

Custom PCB Service

Custom PCB Service

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Please take a look at our PCB Service, we offer very competitive rates, and we are flexible on project billing. Please contact us for a free bid before purchasing hours.

PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service

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We can assemble custom PCBs using our Precision Pick and Place machine, industrial vacuum oven, solder reflow ovens, hot air or hot plate, and our wave soldering machine.

CAD, CAM & Simulation

Mechanical CAD, CAM & Simulation Service (Fusion 360 Ultimate)

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We offer CAD, CAM and Simulation work that will be performed in Fusion 360 Ultimate. We have access to Autodesk Fusion CAM and Simulation plugins.

We Offer Profesional Consultation For Free

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